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Information for build nitrogen-1.5.1-3.fc13

Package Namenitrogen
SummaryBackground browser and setter for X windows
DescriptionA background browser and setter for X windows that can be used in two modes: browser and recall. It features Multihead and Xinerama awareness, a recall mode to be used in startup scripts, uses the freedesktop.org standard for thumbnails, can set the GNOME background, command line set modes for use in scripts, inotify monitoring of browse directory, lazy loading of thumbnails to conserve memory and an 'automatic' set mode which determines the best mode to set an image based on its size.
Built byfossjon
State complete
StartedFri, 15 Jul 2011 14:31:27 UTC
CompletedFri, 15 Jul 2011 14:51:22 UTC
Taskbuild (dist-f13-updates, nitrogen-1.5.1-3.fc13.src.rpm)
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nitrogen-1.5.1-3.fc13.armv5tel.rpm (info) (download)
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Changelog * Thu May 27 2010 Sandro Mathys <red at fedoraproject.org> - 1.5.1-3 - fixed missing libX11 BuildRequire * Sat May 01 2010 Sandro Mathys <red at fedoraproject.org> - 1.5.1-2 - corrected license and improved the spec file a little * Fri Feb 05 2010 Sandro Mathys <red at fedoraproject.org> - 1.5.1-1 - new version with fixed licensing and some bugfixes - added desktop file and updating of the icon caches * Thu Oct 22 2009 Sandro Mathys <red at fedoraproject.org> - 1.4-1 - initial build